Reach your business (and personal) goals in less time and with fewer headaches….

WHAT I DO:  I facilitate and accelerate the the journey of business leaders getting to a better place.  This includes aligning and coordinating the business, building and growing the leadership team, and, of course, coaching and stretching the leader.

WHO I WORK WITH:   Business leaders who have a burning desire to grow but are struggling to get beyond the current challenges to reach the promised land.    These leaders exist in a wide variety of markets, technologies, and geographies.

WHY IT WORKS:  I blend over 25 years of experience growing businesses across a wide range of products and services with tools and processes of the Gazelles International Scaling Up methodology 

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT:  Although the Gazelles toolset is second to none, the ‘Special Sauce’ in my offering is the coaching, teaching, and goal setting that work in tandem with the tools to get the business and leadership to greatness in a shorter period of time and with less drama than you would if you read the books and self implemented.  (nothing wrong with that process but ask yourself what you and the business might lose by going the slower route)

How would your life change if you had a fully aligned team, a strategy driving industry leading growth, and execution processes that generated strong and predictable profit?

HOW IT WORKS: For anyone interested, we start with a conversation about you business and yourself. Where are you right now? Where would you like to be? What is most important to you? This is a thorough process designed to provide alignment the beginning in order to achieve great things down the road.

WHAT MY CLIENTS SAY: Bob is an excellent facilitator bringing everyone together to update a company’s approach to managing growth. He analyzes the pressure points, and then takes the time to thoroughly understand your goals to define the most effective meeting structure. It was also great that my staff immediately connected with him. (Todd Renz, President, OR&L Construction)

Bob helped us with implementing systems and processes that allowed the business to better communicate internally and externally.   With accurate information available, we were then able to train and empower the leadership team to manage the operation.  The result was that employees at all levels felt ownership of the outcome of the final product.  (Stephanie Heil-Grover, Office Manager, Bevin Brothers Mfg)

If you are not sure if this is a fit for you, but you feel that these are issues that are causing you discomfort, feel free to call me.  Consultations conversations are unlimited and free (subject to schedule availability) I’ve been the guy running a business without a trusted adviser – so I know how tough it can be.   My purpose is to help people in that position get unstuck. 

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Bob Bishop

Bob Bishop

Gazelles Four Decisions certified coach

I will help you clearly define your current state, your target, and a plan to connect the two.